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June 2014

CEO Update - June 2014

Fantastic news!!! A big welcome on board to Tony Romamo, Sam Fazio, Michael Forgione, and Nancy Hourani from Perth in WA. This is a team of proven performers with years of experience in business brokering, and commercial property transactions. They are all very excited to be part of the team and are looking forward to working and sharing business opportunities with a national team of commercial professionals. They have joined the top team at Realty Plus run by Business owners Alex Ricciardi, Tracy Garbes and Gordana Caruso. The new office pictured below is formally opening in the coming weeks.
WA Team
NAI Harcourts continues to grow with New Zealand having it's biggest month in history in settled value, up over 53%. Australia also had its biggest month in the history of NAI Harcourts in settled value and are already up 30% YTD.

Conference 2014

Firstly, we were delighted to host Mauro Keller Sarmiento, Managing Director International Business at NAI Global, during the New Zealand Conference. Mauro experienced first hand the country, our business and culture during his trip. He also spent time with 3 of our NAI Harcourts business owners from Australia, Candice Gillies, Warrick Hobart and Tim Packman, who attended the New Zealand conference to meet and connect with other NAI Harcourts offices and teams. The trip commenced with a tour to the NAI Harcourts Hamilton office, where they met the whole team and spent time with the business owners Theo Do Leeuw, Mike Neale and Karl Van Gisbergen. They heard first hand and experienced how this business is indeed one of the best in Australasia. This was followed by a trip back to Auckland to meet the business owners Rob Meister and Andrew Bruce of another top office at NAI Harcourts and part of the Cooper and Co Stable Call NAI Harcourts North Shore Commercial.
The NAI Harcourts team also participated in separate breakout sessions run by General Manager, Michael Grainger with Mauro Keller Sarmiento, who spoke about the NAI Global network and CIII, the parent company. This was followed with an update from myself sharing our vision of being the number 3 brand in the Australasian commercial market place within 5 years. Next we hosted a panel presentation with our top achievers focusing on controlled marketing campaigns. The first session looked at "Winning the Business", followed by a session on "Running Successful Campaigns". The session leaders shared what is working in their marketplaces and members were able to ask questions.
Congratulations are also in order for our top 3 NAI Harcourts commercial sales consultants:
1. Graeme Pettit from Harcourts GC Central - Surfers Paradise QLD
2. Sam Fazio from Harcourts Realty Plus WA
3. Candice Gillies from NAI Harcourts North TAS

Well done on your achievements and the efforts you make each day in delivering the very best service to our clients. You are all very deserving of these awards, Congratulations!

Conference 2014NAI Harcourts Capability Statement

We are also delighted to announce that we have released the new Capability Statement for NAI Harcourts. This is really the WHO ARE WE and WHY US document, as it covers in detail about the business, the partners and how strong the global network is. This document will assist all professionals in winning more business.
Copies are now available to download within the Harcourts One library.
You will also notice that the branding compliments the new NAI Harcourts tie and scarf of which are now available to order. The new ties and scarves have been closely aligned with the current Harcourts corporate apparel with the addition of a red stripe.
Capability Statement

Real Capital Analytics

Another massive step forward for NAI Harcourts this month has been the investment with Real Capital Analytics, and new commercial property data system for NAI Harcourts offices to utilise in Australia and New Zealand.
www.rcanalytics.com provides the most current and comprehensive data and information on commercial property investment in the marketplace. The system provides transaction reports across Australia, New Zealand and the World as well as property trends and reports. NAI Harcourts professionals will now be able to utilise this system in their commercial businesses, adding yet another element of value to their clients enabling them to conclude more business.
This software is only available to NAI Harcourts offices and or consultants.
All in all these are very, very exciting times for Harcourts as it is opening doors that have never been opened before via NAI Harcourts.