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July 2014

CEO Update - July 2014

Things are really starting to heat up in Australia with up to 7 new locations on the horizon covering Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. The figures are really starting to move here in Australia with written figures up a solid 30% and settled figures up even higher at 36% over the last 12 months.

NAI Harcourts in New Zealand has a massive month having written over $130 million dollars of commercial transactions. This was the first time we broke the $100 million mark, this is a truly massive achievement and goes to show everyone that we have something very special happening here.

New Awards  - National & State

These are indeed very exciting times with the new NAI Harcourts awards listed below.
  • New NAI Harcourts Rising Star
  • New Office Revenue
  • New Top Office for Auctions and Tenders

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Richard Laery Website

Please also visit  the new website where you can find all my CEO updates, news and all about NAI Harcourts.  CLICK HERE to view   http://richardlaery.naiharcourts.com.au/

Real Capital Analytics

A fortnight ago, NAI Harcourts consultants were all provided with your individual login details to enable you to start using the Real Capital Analytics system  

For those of you that have already logged in and taken the RCA tour, what did you think?
We would really love to obtain some feedback from those of you that are using the system.
For those of you that haven’t, if you could please take the time to log in this week to familiarise yourself with the database and the benefits it can add to your business that would be great.

RCA provides the most current and comprehensive information on commercial property investment in the marketplace. The system provides transaction reports across Australia, property trends and reports and much more valuable information for you to use in your business. Remember, NAI Harcourts will be covering the costs for the first year. At the end of year 1 we will review how it is working and decide if indeed you are getting value from the system and determine if you are winning more business from this tool, we will then consider if we renew for another year. Eventually it will become a cost of each business if you can decide if you wish to continue to use it. 

Please make sure that you are submitting all sales transactions into the site now.

Please create a system within your office and fill out the attached form monthly, then email it to brokervouchers@rcanalytics.com

We would encourage that you also enter all your sales from the past year or further as this will only help you print reports and CMAs. There is so much information on the site so please make sure you utilise it, view the training videos and use the software.

Again, please make sure you use this, it’s a fantastic tool, it will help and assist you with you clients and in turn win more business.

Commercial Property

Please check out this key commercial property listed by Candice Gillies from the NAI Harcourts North team in Launceston, TAS. A great investment property! CLICK HERE to view more details.

Please remember to keep the feedback coming! Send us your recent sales successes and new listings as it's great to be able to share these amongst the team.

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